About Us

Atherton Consulting Group, LLC was founded for the purpose of helping investment management, wealth management and entrepreneurial ventures capture a clear and compelling vision, evaluate and choose a competitive strategy, implement decisively, and engage employees, partners and owners effectively. We bring twenty-five years of successful experience in private equity real estate and venture leasing investing along with seasoned leadership in the wealth management industry as part of our value proposition. We know how to uncover the issues, we understand the competitive landscape and, most importantly, we know how it feels to be in your seat as leaders.
We don’t just help companies develop appropriate strategy, we also help them successfully implement. This usually requires a strong collaboration with the Chief Executive Officer (or equivalent) and the senior leadership team of the organization. Because strategy and implementation almost always involve some change of direction and reallocation of resources and people, we find it imperative to work closely with the leadership team to adapt in the dynamic process of implementation of strategic initiatives.