Investment Management

Business Strategy Issues for Investment Leaders

Firms are either moving toward manufacturing of products or distribution. It is rarer for firms to tackle both these days.

Perspective on Financial Alignment of Interests

Alignment of interests is a key to success. This almost sounds too obvious to even state, but the truth is that firms don’t always operate with this principle.

Wealth Managemement

Five Key Areas for Wealth Management Firms to Focus on for High Performance in Current Environment

In the financial advice business, a key success factor in the business development process is the degree to which advisors make an accurate assessment of themselves, others and situations. So it was a surprise to find advisors and prospects see things differently in some meaningful ways on certain elements in the business development process.
Entrepreneurial Ventures

Strategy in a Venture-Backed Firm

Most of the start-ups I have had connection with have had great ideas and passionate founders working to bring those ideas to fruition. Yet many of these firms fail – either to get to market or even to get financing. It’s not usually because they lack smarts or heart. In fact, those are probably the most common things that founders of start-ups have.