f Atherton-Consulting


Executive coaching

  • High performance candidates
  • Senior leadership team
  • Speaking as a leader
  • Development of presence
  • Mastering influence strategies
  • Mind-set
Strategic Planning

  • Process that maximizes buy-in
  • Re-evaluate mission statement, create vivid vision statement and develop sustainable competitive advantage statement
  • Content that focuses on high leverage strategic initiatives
  • Communication strategy for maximum effect
  • Off-site facilitation designed to meet or exceed your desired outcomes
  • Implementation for success
Team development

  • Fundamental principles
  • Communications
  • Accountability
  • Personality assessments & team dynamics
  • Running meetings effectively
Effective decision making

  • CEO and leadership team
  • Decision models
  • Evaluating alternatives
  • Implementing difficult decisions
Investment process & philosophy

  • Recognizing and minimizing behavioral biases
  • Underlying investment belief system
  • Aligning desired outcomes to process
  • Crafting the optimal investment committee
  • Communication to stakeholders