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We help you to determine . . .
What success looks and feels like for your organization.
How success should be measured.
As leaders, how to maximize influence and impact.
How you ensure you offer a differentiated product/service from your competition.
What is your unique sustainable competitive advantage and how to create a compelling strategy statement.
What few critical factors will make your strategy successful.
What decision making model is best to implement for your organization.
What is the right amount and type of resources to allocate to ensure success.
How to create an aligned accountability structure.
What tradeoffs are you making by executing strategy.
What are key tactics and how to change strategies/tactics as circumstances change.
How to create and implement a highly effective communications strategy for your organization.
We do it by . . .
• High performance candidates
• Senior leadership team
• Speaking as a leader
• Development of presence
• Mastering influence strategies
• Mind-set
• Process that maximizes buy-in
• Re-evaluate mission statement, create vivid   vision statement and develop sustainable
  competitive advantage statement
• Communication strategy for maximum effect
• Off-site facilitation designed to meet or exceed   your desired outcomes
• Implementation for success
• Fundamental principles
• Communications
• Accountability
• Feedback as development tool
• Personality assessments and team dynamics
• Running meetings effectively
Here are the results . . .
“Jim skillfully facilitated the creation of a compelling and energizing vision for the firm, helped us define the key four or five strategic initiatives and started the firm on the path to our bold vision. In the process, he clarified our decision rights to ensure greater decision effectiveness and team buy-in and improved team dynamics and enthusiasm. With Jim’s guidance we have been able to create a team vision that best leverages our individual members’ talents and gifts while moving toward employee and firm alignment. His business advice has been invaluable to us.”
Degas A. Wright, CFA
Chief Investment Officer
Decatur Capital Management, Inc.
Atlanta, Ga.