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Jim Keene, CFA, MS Management, is the Managing Director of Atherton Consulting Group, LLC.



Jim Keene, CFA, MS is the Managing Director of Atherton Consulting Group, LLC.

Jim has 25 years experience as a leader and portfolio manager. . .

Wendy Richards, MBA, is a Strategic Partner with Atherton Consulting Group, LLC

A visionary Strategic Advisor & Board Member, Wendy brings hands-on C-Level experience. . .



“Jim skillfully facilitated the creation of a compelling and energizing vision for the firm, helped us define the key four or five strategic initiatives and started the firm on the path to our bold vision. In the process, he clarified our decision rights to ensure greater decision effectiveness and team buy-in and improved team dynamics and enthusiasm. With Jim’s guidance we have been able to create a team vision that best leverages our individual members’ talents and gifts while moving toward employee and firm alignment. His business advice has been invaluable to us.”

Degas A. Wright, CFA

Chief Investment Officer
Decatur Capital Management, Inc.
Atlanta, Ga.

"Jim facilitated the creation of our Association vision and strategy and, most importantly, coached us to effective implementation over an 18 month period of time. Jim helped the organization believe in itself and push to higher limits than it would have otherwise. He helped us develop effective meeting agendas, focus attention on the important issues and create an accountability structure and brought high energy to the organization so that when people felt down, he lifted them up. He helped provide very useful resources for implementation from his own prior experience."

Sunil Singhania, CFA

President, India Association of Investment Professionals
Deputy Head – Reliance Mutual Funds
Mumbai, India

“For me, it's been about communicating the message and having the courage to deliver it. Jim knows what questions to ask me to bring out the right action plan in a way that is consistent with my leadership style. One thing that never stops to impress me is how fast he can pick up concepts, either financial or organizational, that are very particular to my company and the hedge fund industry, in a way that it makes the coaching immediately applicable. In other words, his concepts and access to best practices are very pragmatic.”

Mayer Cherem

Managing Director
Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company

“Jim Keene assisted our company with significant improvements in our day-to-day execution, communications and strategic planning for fundraising. Jim's personal style is both challenging and engaging, resulting in a very positive experience that has yielded tangible results. Interactions among our management team, board of directors and key investors have improved considerably, and all have benefitted from Jim's knowledge and expertise. Without reservation, I would recommend Jim
to other CEOs.”

Jeff Roberts

President and CEO

“Growing an investment management firm in today’s environment is tough. Low levels of investor trust, clients wondering if there is a reasonable value proposition from wealth managers, and dealing with volatile markets all make for long days in the business. In the midst of these challenging times, Jim Keene gets it. He understands that helping investment management firms tell their story, improve their client acquisition process and provide world class communications to clients are keys to client success. If you are interested in growing a sustainable investment management firm with a HNW focused client base – you need to hire Jim now.”

Dan Meader

Trinity Private Equity Group


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